What are the VapingLogs?


About this site...

When I first started vaping, I jumped into it blind with a friend. I knew nothing aside from the fact that I wanted to quit smoking, and the only sources of information I had were ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum) and my local vape shop. Both were good sources of help to be sure, and they still are for that matter.

But when it came to ECF, there was an intimidation factor. I was swarmed with information from the left, right, and center; and the millions of forum posts on there can translate into hours of reading. The vape shop is a business, so they’re going to focus on that first and they can’t hand hold a newbie.

Google is your friend, and so is the search option on ECF. I started reading, and when I was done reading, I would read more.

Once I was able to find the answers to the questions I had, I would keep scraps of notes and other things lying around my desk or bookmarked in my browser. This was fine until I started gathering too many links and random notes. So I’ve created this place to help me organize.

Since I tend to help newbies to the vaping community when I can, I’ve made my notes and thoughts public. If what I post is useful, then that’s awesome. But I really doubt that my little corner of the Web will make a major impact.

With that said, here’s a breakdown of how I plan to use the site:

  • Links to news relevant to the vaping community – with comments and opinions
  • Personal Reviews of juices I’ve made or purchased
  • DIY notes and logs, including both my successes and failures (likely more fail than win)
  • Personal Reviews of the vendors I shop with
  • Personal Reviews of the hardware I use

Note: Reviews posted to this site are my opinion, and are the result of DIY mixing, or purchase notes. (I tend to keep notes on juices I purchase, so I can always find what I like and skip the ones I don’t.)

Ratings system...

When it comes to the stars in the ratings system, obviously more is better. However, the same system will be used for vendors, juice, and hardware, so it helps to know what I’m writing about, and how I organized my notes where much of the initial content on this site comes from.

Zero Stars


Exactly what you think it means. There can be no grade lower.

Hardware:  The hardware sucks. Likely due to poor QA and design.

Juice:  No amount of steeping will help. Toss it.

Vendor:  I would never shop there again.


One Star


This rating is due to poor quality hardware, juice, or customer service, depending on the review type.

Hardware:  Again, likely a quality control issue.

Juice:  The taste is awful and the product is generally unvapable. I wouldn’t use it or recommend it.

Vendor:  I wouldn’t use or recommend them.

In my notes, a one star rating is how I would note something that I’ve tried but wouldn’t purchase again. If it’s a vendor, then that means they have done something horribly wrong.


Two Stars


Mostly the same as a one star rating. However, there is a chance that I would give the juice, hardware, or vendor a second chance.

Hardware:  It works, but there was some kind of issue – likely poor hits or leaking tanks. I wouldn’t use it again.

Juice:  I wouldn’t purchase it again. However, I would be willing to recommend it as an option for someone looking for a similar flavor or taste.

Vendor:  Not the best place in the world to shop with, as there was something wrong. However, I’d give them a second shot if need be.


Three Stars


Vendors or products that earn this rating are likely not something I would use on a regular basis. Juice ratings mean that it’s a solid flavor, but I wouldn’t use it daily.

Hardware:  It works as intended, but I’m not a fan. I’d still recommend it to others though.

Juice:  Typically, this rating applies to juice more often than not. If the topic is juice, then I’ve tried it. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t something I want on a daily basis either. I would still recommend it as an option however, assuming I was asked my opinion.


Four Stars


Something with this rating is a vendor or product that I use on a consistent basis. It’s something I would recommend to others. For juice, this is how I rank things if I tend to vape them consistently, or if they are worth keeping in rotation. Obviously, four stars means I genuinely like the product.


Five Stars


Buy it, shop with them, or make it an ADV (All Day Vape). If something hits a five star mark then it has impressed me. Seriously impressed me – to the point I actually get excited about it. Vendors with five stars are the ones I shop with regularly, and recommend. Juices are my ADVs, and hardware is my normal setup.