My Freedom Smokes

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Dec 232012

My Freedom Smokes (MFS) is where I purchase my bottles for DIY usage, and storage. I use them for price alone as they offer a killer deal on the smaller bottle sizes (3ml and 6ml) and sell them in 5 packs.

Wizard Labs

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Dec 232012

Wizard Labs is where I purchase my DIY e-juice supplies. They’re an FDA registered facility located in South Florida, and get their nicotine from one of the providing labs to Johnson & Johnson. This is great because that means the nicotine I purchase from them is quality controlled and it arrives rather quickly.

Sure Vapes

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Dec 232012

Sure Vapes is where I get my Boge Cartomizers. They offer a bulk order price, where you can get 5 boxes for $23, or 4 boxes and a drip tip for $21. In addition, they also offer a 10 box deal for $44.