Dec 232012

Valley View Vapes is where I get the tanks I use the most, as well as the cartomizers for them. I came across this vendor after searching for alternatives to DCTs (a type of tank), as they were becoming a pain to fill and maintain.

The tanks I’m talking about are the Triple V Polypro Tanks, in 5ml size. They take a 35mm Boge Cartomizer, and are designed using grommets that create a strong seal and hold the cartomizer tightly in place. These tanks don’t leak. Not unless you put them together wrong, which is hard to do.

In addition to the tanks, as I mentioned I also get Boge Cartomizers here, but the ones I buy are only for my tanks. They are $8.99 for a five pack, which seems rather costly, but the cost is worth it. This is because each cartomizer is pre-punched to work in the tank and tested to make sure that it is functioning properly. Paying this extra premium has ensured that I’ve never gotten a bad cartomizer from here, and that makes it worth the cost in my opinion.

[Update: The policy on pre-punching and testing has changed. See the vendor for more details. They are pre-punched, but this is done at the factory. Testing has been limited to a set quantity.]

Valley View Vapes has an easily navigated website, and a customer administration panel that enables all the standard features including tracking and order status. Shipping is affordable ($4.00-$7.00), with the optional usage of Fed Ex ($29) and UPS ($25) in addition to USPS. Customer service wise, I’ve never had an issue, and I’ve never seen any issues reported online.


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