Dec 232012

My Freedom Smokes (MFS) is where I purchase my bottles for DIY usage, and storage. I use them for price alone as they offer a killer deal on the smaller bottle sizes (3ml and 6ml) and sell them in 5 packs.

Their website isn’t that hard to navigate, but the various sub categories and sections can get overwhelming. In addition, they use a blog format that associates keywords and tags with an item, meaning you will see seemingly unrelated items mixed in with the content for which you’re shopping. Me, I’ve learned to ignore it and I just hit the areas I need. Their customer account management system offers the typical controls, so orders can be tracked and monitored.

Customer service wise, My Freedom Smokes has never given me problems, and I’ve never seen a bad report on them. Shipping from them is fast, and affordable at a flat fee of $5.95, I’ve rarely waited more than 2 days for an order after it ships.

In addition to bottles, I’ve purchased hardware from here too. Adapters mostly, but they sell batteries and kits – as they are a full featured vaping vendor. Their prices are okay, nothing too expensive, but they’re not the cheapest either. In addition to kits and related gear, they also stock cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers.

They sell something unique too, a cleaning and filling kit called The Plunger. I got one not too long ago, and so far it does a good job cleaning my Boge Cartomizers. The price for the kit varies, but I purchased the $25 kit for the extras. If you have the extra to spend, it’s worth picking up for the long-term care of your cartomizers.

Overall, My Freedom Smokes has never done me wrong. They have fast shipping, and a great price for my DIY fix.


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