Dec 232012

Wizard Labs is where I buy my DIY e-juice supplies. They’re an FDA registered facility in South Florida, and get their nicotine from one of the providing labs to Johnson & Johnson. This is great because that means the nicotine I buy from them is quality controlled and it arrives rather quickly.

In addition to nicotine, which is available in strengths from 12mg to 100mg (as well as various PG/VG ratios), I also get my DIY flavors from here for the most part. They sell LorAnn and The Flavor Apprentice flavors. Selection wise, Wizard Labs carries all the standard flavors as well as a few special items like sweetener. For the price, you get a decent amount of flavoring, 8ml per order.

Wizard Labs also sells the straight PG and VG used for diluting the base liquids, in addition to the mixing hardware such as syringes, funnels, bottles, and measuring gear. For the more advanced mixer, they have nicotine test kits available as well.

Customer service wise, this is a family owned business, which often means you can expect a solid level of customer appreciation. Wizard Labs won’t disappoint here, as their customer service has been great since I started ordering from them. Shipping wise, they’re affordable, charging typical fees depending on order size (orders over $65 ship free). Their website is easily navigated, and their customer account management has the standard settings, offering tracking and status updates.

As mentioned, I use Wizard Labs for my DIY needs. They’ve got affordable prices, a decent choice of flavors, and they’ve treated me good as a customer.


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