Dec 022012

American eLiquid Store (AES) is where I purchased my first kit. It was an eGo-C, and I still use it today, long after I’ve moved on to more advanced setups.

The eGo-C kit includes:

(2) 650 mAh batteries w/ charger

(5) Atomizers

(2) Standard cones

(2) Atomizer bases

(5) Tanks

The cost was about $80 USD for the kit itself, but I added an extra battery, and some extra juices. I remember the kit came with a 15ml bottle of juice, but I wasn’t a fan of it, so the extras are what helped me quit.

This log entry isn’t a review really. It doesn’t fit with the other posts that will appear once I catalog my desk and notebooks. (See the ‘What are…?’ section for more details.) This is because when I travel for assignments at work, people ask me what they should buy so they can jump into vaping (or switch to e-cigs).

It’s not an easy question to answer, because tastes are different for everyone, and so are budgets. I saved for more than 2 months before I dropped $187.45 on my first e-cig related order. However, that order is why seven months later (as of the date of this posting) I’m smoke free. I used to smoke 2 ½ packs a day, and when my eGo-C arrived, I vaped for the first time, and haven’t touched an analog cigarette since.

I can even remember what time it was when I started vaping; (I had deadlines that afternoon, so I couldn’t fiddle with this new toy for very long.) it was 2:30 p.m. on April 17, 2012.

In addition to the kit referenced above, I also purchased the 1000mAh USB Passthru battery ($33 USD) with my first order, which allows me to vape while it charges. I keep it plugged into the USB port on my desktop or laptop, and it’s been a lifesaver when I’m in a hotel. I honestly can’t recommend the use of a USB Passthru enough.

AES is a solid company. They’re based in Wisconsin, and have a great customer support department. They’ve recently redesigned their website, so it’s easier to navigate.

AES’ prices aren’t the cheapest. In fact, they’re rather expensive in some regards, but they still fall within the competitive range on most products. However, they are a legit (listed and approved) Joyetech reseller, thus they get the goods directly from the company. So the cost is higher, because it isn’t a knockoff. That’s a plus given that the eGo style e-cig is the most copied e-cig in the world.

So when a new e-cig user asks what it is they should use, this is the kit and vendor I recommend the most. This goes for someone just starting out, or someone who is planning to move on from the gas station or mall bought e-cig brands.

Again, in all honesty, they’re far from being the cheapest vendor on the block. But AES is reliable. Reliability and service are worth spending a few extra bucks on.


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