Dec 202012

Cartomizers (also known as cartos or carts), are a hybrid type hardware that is an atomizer and cartridge combined. For this post, we’ll look at the two most common types of cartomizers, and examine them in a bit more detail.


As mentioned in a earlier post, cartomizers are an essential part of an e-cigarette kit, especially for those new to vaping. There are different opinions when it comes to cartomizers. Some say they mute flavors and others simply don’t like them due to the filling process, while others love them (myself included). Also, as you may have noticed, I use cartomizers for juice tasting, as mentioned in the reviews that have been posted so far.

The image below is what two cartomizers look like while in the wrapper. I’ve added a quarter for scale.

cartomizers wrapped

There are two cartomizers pictured. One of them is a 35mm (basic) and the other is a 54mm (XL). Both of these are LR (low resistance), meaning they will rate between 2.0 Ohms and 2.4 Ohms. SR (standard resistance) cartomizers are also available in these sizes and start at 3.0 Ohms.

Once opened and taken out of the plastic, the cartomizers are covered with condoms, or the rubber covers. When you remove those, you have the components seen below.

cartomizer unwrapped

cartomizer pieces

When it comes to storage and travel, I use the smaller of the condoms to cap the bottom of my cartomizer. As the videos on filling cartomizers show, the larger one is essential to that process.

The rubber tip of the cartomizer can be pulled off, but if need be a paperclip fits into the hole to help with pulling it off. Just be careful not to push too far or you might clip the wire or mess with the filler on the inside. This filler by the way, is what holds the e-juice.

Cartomizer end cap side view

Cartomizer end cap

Cartomizer insides

These are often sold with various promises, including that they are the equivalent of ‘X’ amount of cigarettes, or even packs. This is false, as they last different amounts of time for different people, dependent entirely on a person’s vaping habit. Also, the amount of juice that a cartomizer will hold isn’t always the same, and can change depending on the juice’s PG/VG ratio.

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