Dec 022014

Juice: ECBlend – Peach Watermelon Cantaloupe
Vendor: ECBlend
Size: 5ml
Cost: $2.50 for 5ml
It's a great taste, and if I was looking for a watermelon vape, this would be a clear choice...

A part of my search for a solid replacement for my current All Day Vape (ADV), I ordered some peach flavors from ECBlend. The first flavor I’m testing is Peach Watermelon Cantaloupe.

It’s a good flavor, as the sweetness of the watermelon is present on the inhale and exhale. The exhale is also somewhat layered at times, as the creaminess of the cantaloupe shines at 4.2 volts. The problem is – I get no peach from this mix at all. If it’s there, then it’s buried behind the other two flavors.

With ECBlend flavors, it’s often a good bet to steep them for a few days. Doing so helps with taste, and at first I thought that was my problem. Yet, this mix has steeped for several weeks, so I’m a bit upset the peach didn’t come out in the end.

It’s a great taste, and if I was looking for a watermelon vape, this would be a clear choice for the price, but I wanted a twist on peach, and without it, this flavor leaves me disappointed.

If you like watermelon flavors, I’d say try this. If you’re looking for a twist on peach-based flavors, this isn’t the right juice.

Note: I ordered this blend with extra flavor. To be fair, it is possible that’s the reason the peach isn’t tasted. Sometimes, ordering extra flavor hurts the mix instead of helping.

Color: clear
Ratio: A 50/50 blend of PG & VG
Vapor Prodiction: A decent amount of vapor per hit
Tested @: 4.2v on an IGO-L Atomizer at 2 Ohms

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