Dec 012014

I discovered something interesting while searching for new juice vendors recently. A friend of mine asked my opinions on subscription services, and I honestly had no idea what it was they were talking about.

As it turns out, there are vendors who offer flavor-of-the-month subscriptions for vaping. Depending on your personal tastes, such offerings are a chance to try new things while saving a few bucks. Below, I’ve outlined some of the services that have caught my eye.

While not an official review, I figured posting a list with some basic details would be worthwhile if anyone wasn’t familiar with the concept. In general, most of the services below ship flavors based on a personal taste profile, which is supposed to ensure that you only get the juices you’re sure to like, while skipping the others.

My reviews on these services will be slow. Cost is a factor for me, and while they’re not overly expensive, I can only afford one service at a time. Remember – each of them will bill you monthly unless you cancel, and all of them have a “cancel at any time” policy. Also, most will charge additional fees for shipping.


Zodist offers a few subscription levels based on volume. They offer flavors from more than 20 vendors, most of which I’m not familiar with. I ordered my box earlier this month (they were the first subscription service I discovered), so they’ll be the first one in this list that gets a review.


Here’s what you can expect from Zodist:

  • $23.99 – 30ml of juice (2 bottles)
  • $29.99 – 45ml of juice (3 bottles)
  • $39.99 – 60ml of juice (3 or 4 bottles) – This is the subscription I ordered.
  • $59.99 – 90ml of juice (5 or 6 bottles)
  • $79.99 – 120ml of juice (6 to 8 bottles)

I ordered the 60ml box, which I figured would get me a decent selection of flavors. As I write these words, the box itself is in the mail and should be here in a day or so.


EJUICEPACK is a little different. They offer two levels of subscription, but the flavors are random or personally selected. If you want random selections, you can pick a flavor profile for each bottle. Otherwise, you tell them what juice you want, and you’ll pick the vendor it comes from. At the time this entry was posted, there were seven vendors available.


Here’s what you can expect from EJUICEPACK:

  • $7.99 – 25-35ml of juice (two bottles)
  • $21.99 – 65-85ml of juice (five bottles)

According to the website, the juices delivered come from Mt. Baker Vapor, Mountain Oak Vapor, Apollo Ejuice, Mister E-Liquid, Charlie Noble, Ballistic Vape, and ECBlend.

Craft Vapery:

This subscription service has more than 60 vendors on rotation, and like the others ships juice based on both volume and your personal taste profile.


Here’s what you can expect from Craft Vapery:

  • $24 – (2) 15ml bottles
  • $33 – (3) 15ml bottles
  • $42 – (4) 15ml bottles
  • $50 – (5) 15ml bottles
  • $58 – (6) 15ml bottles

Many of the vendors that are on rotation here I’m familiar with, including Velvet Cloud Vapor. However, of the 60+ vendors listed, a majority of them are new to me. When I get a chance to order, I’m likely to go with one of the top two options, as that will give me a wide variety of vendors and flavors.

Easy Vape Club:

Easy Vape Club allows you to pick the flavors you want. They’re a subscription service, but you get a little more control over the flavors that are being sent. You can opt to have juice sent at random, based on a flavor profile; have flavors sent at random from a given vendor; or if you wish, you can pick your flavors directly.


Here’s what you can expect from Easy Vape Club:

  • $15 – 30ml of juice (2 bottles)
  • $25 – 60ml of juice (4 bottles)
  • $35 – 90ml of juice (6 bottles)

Easy Vape Club offers more than a dozen vendors. Based on the list, all of them are new to me, which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve heard of Alpha Vape and Omega Vape, but I’ve never tasted anything made by them. Depending on your tastes, this could be an affordable option.

The Drip Club:

The Drip Club offers a single subscription service, but they have several vendors on hand to supply juices. Billing is $29.99 monthly for 55-65ml of juice (4-6 bottles).


It’s a simple setup, which delivers flavors based on a personal profile. They offer more than 30 vendors, and there’s an option to buy direct on the website.


JuiceCrate was something I discovered by searching Google. They too offer a monthly subscription, but they only deal with two levels.


For $23.99 you’re guaranteed 45ml of juice. For $49.99, you’re guaranteed 90ml of juice, plus random accessories. The addition of hardware is a nice touch. They have more than 50 vendors on hand for subscribers, which equates to a decent amount of variety.


ZampleBox is the vendor that led to this article. When asked my opinion of them, I wasn’t even aware they existed. On Reddit, opinions of them are a mixed bag, but many of the customer complaints were from when they started out – leading me to suspect that the issues were growing pains.


Like the others, you start with a flavor profile and go from there. They’ve got two options to pick from, and both are billed monthly. For $24.99, you get up to 100ml of juice (up to six bottles). However, for $44.99 a month, you can get 180ml of juice (up to 11 bottles). There’s more than 40 vendors on their stock list, so there’s plenty of options to deal with.

Vape Box:

Vape Box requires an invite to join their services. I’ll have to wait before I can get one, as the email sent shortly after my request showed hundreds of people ahead of me. However, once you get an invite, you set your flavor profile and subscription level.


Here’s what you can expect from Vape Box:

  • $20.00 – 45ml of juice (3 bottles)
  • $40.00 – 60ml of juice (4 bottles) / 1 Accessory
  • $60.00 – 75ml of juice (5 bottles) / 2 Accessories

Between hardware and juice, they have 15 vendors supporting them. Not as many vendors as some of the others, but still a decent amount – plus the hardware offering is a neat bonus.

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