Jan 082014

Juice: Casablanca
Vendor: Backwoods Brew
Size: 10ml
Cost: $6.50 for 10ml
This is an impressive tobacco blend, that’s slightly sweet with a rich flavor.
Website: http://www.backwoodsbrew.net

Today I sat down to try Casablanca from Backwoods Brew. The flavor is one of their top sellers, which is no surprise all things considered.

I’m not a fan of tobacco juices. I’ve mentioned that several times, and yet I find myself trying them nevertheless, if only to offer a fair opinion to someone looking for reviews on the flavor written by someone who isn’t part of the club. Doing so often means I spend money on something I’ll never use, but that’s fine. I ship boxes of juices out each month to people new to vaping, and often the juices I don’t like find a home rather quickly.

It’s hard to describe Casablanca. The flavor is rich, and you can tell it is a tobacco, but BWB lists it as a Turkish blend. When I hear that description, I think Camel-brand cigarettes, and that’s not what Casablanca is. Not even close.

The flavor itself is slightly sweet, and rather sharp on the inhale. There is a serious throat hit, and I’m using a low nicotine batch (6mg). So I’d bet the throat hit will be the same if not stronger in the higher the nicotine levels. The richness you taste on the inhale is the tobacco note, and I can think of noting that compares to it.

The exhale is sweet too, backed by a stronger version of the richness from the inhale, only you’ll sometimes taste a cocoa note, which is honestly what makes this flavor something outside of the norm for tobaccos. The cocoa isn’t overpowered, and it isn’t overly chocolaty.

I have to admit, this is a rather impressive mix. With that said, this isn’t something I can use all day everyday. Yet, when I need that extra kick or something different, Casablanca foots the bill, and that’s why I’d recommend it. If you get some for yourself, trust me and let it steep for about two weeks, otherwise all bets are off.

Color: Golden tint
Ratio: A 70/30 blend of PG & VG
Vapor Prodiction: A respectable amount of vapor her hit
Tested @: 4.2v on a Phoenix Atomizer at 2.6 Ohms

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