Jun 062013

Juice: Ice Ice
Vendor: Vape Dudes
Size: 10ml
Cost: $5.99 for 10ml
This juice is a mellowed out, cold menthol, with a hint of sweet.
Website: http://www.vapedudes.com

I recently sat down to try Ice Ice from Vape Dudes. As you’d expect, this juice is cold. Yet, while you taste the menthol immediately, it’s smooth. The cold is sweet on the inhale, backed by spearmint. The exhale on this vape is frozen, and the back of your throat will remain cold as long as you’re using this.

Sometimes, but not always, I get an extra mint kick, which reminds me of peppermint – but there is also the sweetness to account for – so it might be a general mint flavor that I taste. Either way, it’s good. If you start to taste gum, you’re not alone, that seems to be the consensus.

As for as menthol juices go, this juice is a mellowed out, cold menthol. There’s a hint of sweetness on the inhale and you won’t be disappointed by the lingering cold effect. I’d recommend this to fans of menthol; it also makes a good additive to juices in order to freeze them a bit.

However, on the cold scale, this isn’t like Winter Chill, which I reviewed a while back. This is good, but it isn’t arctic-level cold.

Color: Clear
Ratio: A 50/50 mix of PG & VG
Vapor Prodiction: A decent amount of vapor per hit
Tested @: 4.2v on an IGO-L Atomizer at 2.3 Ohms

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