May 212013

Juice: Cola
Vendor: Backwoods Brew
Size: 15ml
Cost: $6.50 for 15ml
Overall, Cola is a decent flavor with a strong punch to it taste wise.

Today, I’m reviewing Cola from Backwoods Brew (BWB). This is the second juice I’ve tasted that shipped as part of a beverage bundle that was offered to customers in April.

As I mentioned before in my notes on Mountain Brew, BWB is a well-known company in the vaping community. While most of their more popular flavors are tobacco centric, they offer a rounded menu.

Cola has mostly positive reviews on the BWB website. In fact it has a perfect record. While most of those reviews compare this juice to soda in the red and white can, in reality Cola has more of an old-fashioned flavor.

You’ll get the taste of ginger or clove on inhale and exhale. The aftertaste is spicy, with a bit of simulated heat on the tongue. This is exactly the same flavor profile you’d get from ginger. However, the smell on the exhale reminds me of clove.

What these flavor profiles offer are the fizz and the sensation of soda; and to be honest it works. The e-liquid vapes well, and tastes good. In that regard, Cola is certainly a solid offering, but it isn’t Coke. That’s not the flavor presented.

If anything, you can call this an old-fashioned, homemade soda. There’s a touch of sweetness, but it is mostly on the inhale, and that sweet is backed by a crisp, strong spice note.

Overall, Cola is a decent flavor with a strong punch to it taste wise. I don’t see a middle road on this juice. It’s one you’ll like instantly or the spiced notes will instantly turn you off to it.

Color: Clear w/ a light golden tint
Ratio: A 70/30 blend of PG & VG
Vapor Prodiction: A solid amount of vapor per hit
Tested @: 4.2v on a Phoenix Atomizer at 2.5 Ohms

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