May 192013

Juice: Lizard Milk
Vendor: Lizard Juice
Size: 15ml
Cost: $12.00 for 15ml
Overall, it’s a great flavor. It replicates the piña colada taste rather well. At the same time, this flavor is one that you’ll either love or hate.

Today’s post will focus on my review notes for Lizard Milk, the signature flavor from a company new to the vaping community called Lizard Juice.

First thing’s first, steep this juice for about a week. It will taste better once the flavors have melded.

Lizard Milk a natural tasting piña colada mix. There are solid rum and coconut flavors, and a slight amount of pineapple with a sweet creamy note. The coconut taste is natural, including the aftertaste. Unfortunately, this aftertaste lingers. It comes with the rum on the exhale.

At the same time, that aftertaste is the same flavor you get from drinking a legit piña colada from a resort. It’s similar to something I last tasted on vacation two years ago. So the aftertaste isn’t a bad thing, but it is something you’ll either love or hate, I’m not seeing a middle ground on this.

Overall, Lizard Milk is a decent mix, and tastes exactly as it is described on Lizard Juice’s website. It isn’t overly tropical, but it the flavor is solid. With that said, while it isn’t something I could vape on a regular basis, I’d easily recommend it.

Color: Clear
Ratio: The PG & VG ratio was not disclosed by the vendor
Vapor Prodiction: A solid amount of vapor per hit
Tested @: 4.2v on an IGO-L Atomizer at 2.5 Ohms

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