May 182013

Juice: Mountain Brew
Vendor: Backwoods Brew
Size: 15ml
Cost: $6.50 for 10ml
This is a great citrus flavored mix, but unfortunately it tastes nothing like Mt. Dew.

For today, I’m reviewing Mountain Brew from Backwoods Brew (BWB). Mountain Brew is BWB’s take on Pepsi’s caffeine-charged offering. This juice came as part of a beverage bundle that was offered to customers in April, and it’s the first flavor I’ve tasted from the five that were included.

BWB is a highly regarded company, and they make some great flavors. However, their juices need time to steep, so I waited a bit before tasting the ones from my order. For Mt. Brew, I let it steep for two weeks, but BWB recommends three days. It’s best to at least follow their advice on the flavors you order, but your experience may differ from mine.

From the first pull, the main thing you taste is lemon with another citrus note. After that, there is sweetness on the exhale that’s melded to the lemon. Unfortunately, there is no Mt. Dew flavor to this. It’s a citrus mix. That isn’t to say that this is a bad flavor. It’s rather tasty, but it isn’t related to Pepsi’s super-caffeinated drink at all.

As for the flavor profile that is present. The citrus tones are sharp and crisp, the lemon stands out more than any other flavor, but there is a lemon-lime quality here as well. Overall, this is a decent blend; it’s just not what I was expecting.

I’d recommend this for citrus lovers, but if you’re looking for a Mt. Dew clone – I’m going to suggest that you give Mountain Brew a pass.

Color: Clear w/ a slight tint after steeping
Ratio: A 70/30 blend of PG & VG
Vapor Prodiction: A decent amount of vapor per hit
Tested @: 4.2v on an IGO-L Atomizer at 2.5 Ohms

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